Grand Welcome ended 2023 on a strong note by awarding its 75th franchise. Its future is looking just as spectacular as one of its show-stopping rental properties for 2024, as the company prepares to take on the overseas market.

“Our next venture is to work down the international path,” said Kevin Drudge, director of franchise development. “We just want to get our footprint here dialed in and established as much as possible. We’ve still got so much green space left to capitalize on.”

With prime national locations remaining, now’s the perfect time for people to jump in and fire up their entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2009, Grand Welcome has specialized in creating enchanting coast-to-coast escapes through short-term vacation rental management. As a well-respected national brand, its award-winning operations and corporate teams manage both sides of the rental experience for property owners and guests.

“There’s long-term business available for anyone who wants to get started,” Drudge said. “The biggest thing is the growth potential that we offer. You’re talking a very modest investment and having an opportunity to generate a seven-figure net income.”

Short-term rentals have become mainstream in an $81 billion industry that is expected to rise to $107 billion by 2026. It’s not just the beaches or mountains attracting all the attention. As travel has expanded to various destinations, people need to get away for business, college sporting events, family reunions, concerts, birthdays and more. That all translates to a seriously lucrative opportunity with significant upsides.

“It’s not a business where you have to manage 500 or 1,000 properties to be financially viable,” explained Drudge. “You’re talking about a few hundred, and you have a very good business. What we offer is very streamlined.”

Grand Welcome’s system allows for multi-territory ownership and tremendous flexibility. Franchisees require only minimal overhead and no physical office space. According to Drudge, owners only need to hire staff once they’ve started managing 20 to 30 properties.

The corporate team also is amenable to owners slowly transitioning out of their current employment and taking the leap gradually with a semi-absentee mindset.

“One of the things that really draws people in is the opportunity to build something. They can get out of the rat race and have more freedom,” Drudge said.

While Grand Welcome propels forward, its corporate team ensures careful, responsible growth and maintains close oversight over franchisees to support them with everything they need.

The turnkey opportunity comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and backend support, which encompasses revenue management, reservations, customer service and accounting.

“I think it gives the owners the best of both worlds because they have that boutique feel inside of a big company, with the backing and support of someone there to help them,” concluded Drudge. “We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve replicated the success over and over again.”

Franchisees enthusiastically embrace Grand Welcome’s core values to deliver excellence, celebrate success, believe beyond, play to win and, Drudge’s personal favorite, smile. 

“It’s all about having fun and enjoying what we do. You’re helping people enjoy travel experiences, which is a feel-good thing,” he said.

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