Our Process

We Invite You to Explore Grand Welcome

Grand Welcome utilizes a 6-Step franchise awarding process during which we will provide and walk you through all the information necessary to decide if the franchise is right for you typically within 30-45 days.

Step 1

Show Us You’re Interested

Download the Franchise Information Kit. We’ll be in touch soon to set up an initial conversation.

Step 2

Initial Discussions

This first few phone calls with our franchise team member gives us a chance to get to know each other. We’ll learn about your interests and business objectives, and you’ll learn about Grand Welcome, our available opportunities, and what’s required to purchase a franchise.

Step 3

Preliminary Questionnaire

Once the initial conversations are complete, it’s time to submit the preliminary questionnaire. Our franchise team will review this application to determine if you are a candidate ready to advance to the next step.

Step 4

Franchise Disclosure Document & Franchise Agreement

Once we have received your preliminary questionnaire, we’ll provide you with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which also contains a copy of the Franchise Agreement (FA). These documents provide everything you need to know about our company, how we operate, and what will be expected of you.

Step 5

Call with our CEO

After reviewing the FDD and FA, your franchise team member will set up a call for you to speak with the original founder and CEO of grand welcome, Brandon Ezra. In this 30-45-minute call, you will hear Brandon’s incredible story in starting Grand Welcome and how he’s grown and developed the franchise and be able ask him questions openly.

Step 6

Attend Discovery Day

This is your chance to sit down with us and have all of your questions answered. We’ll introduce you to key personnel, talk about your responsibilities as a Grand Welcome franchise owner, and go over the franchise program in detail. You will learn about the business firsthand and experience the people who will support and work with you ongoing.

Become a Grand Welcome Franchisee

Upon any final due diligence and once the decision is made to join the team, you will receive a franchise agreement and after the required waiting periods elapse, we can move forward with signing the Franchise Agreement and payment of your initial fee. Congratulations! This is the point where you are officially a Grand Welcome franchisee.

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