Whether it’s working with homeowners looking to rent their space for a portion of the year or working with individuals looking to monetize an investment property, Grand Welcome gives franchisees the opportunity to build a business in full-service, vacation-rental property management.

When it comes to the perks of operating a Grand Welcome franchise, one of the biggest is the ease with which new franchisees can get started. For most, the franchise is easy to operate as a solopreneur because of the brand’s model, which uses vendors to complete tasks, including cleaning and property maintenance. It’s not until franchisees start scaling to 20-plus properties that they may need to bring on a limited staff to help manage operations. Overall, the business is designed to be lean and streamlined.

“We handle all the heavy back end, like marketing to property owners to get them interested in being managed on our program, and all of the guest marketing and guest relations as it relates to reservations,” said Kevin Drudge, vice president of franchise development. “Then, our franchisees provide the guest relations and services locally for things renters need when they stay at a property.”

Prospective franchisees should have a talent for interacting with others, building connections, and providing exceptional customer service, as they will be managing guest relations and maintaining long-term relationships with Realtors, agents, and property owners.

All in all, the business’s flexible model creates a low barrier to entry and lends itself to the diverse franchisee base that Grand Welcome has built.

“Our current franchisees are an eclectic group of individuals. We have incredible women, minorities, veterans, first responders, and people from all backgrounds as part of our team. The lifestyle that this franchise opportunity provides definitely attracts active and adventurous entrepreneurs,” Drudge said.

“Just last month, Steven Brown, our Nashville and Austin franchisee, was named Franchisee of the Year by the IFA. He’s a young military veteran and grew his Nashville franchise to managing 50 units in his first nine months after opening. As a result of his success, he and his partner bought Grand Welcome Austin in January, which is also building quickly. I’m sure more markets are on the horizon for Steven; he’s absolutely crushing it,” Drudge concluded.

Tamara Rahoumi

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