Like members of a family who stick together regardless of any individual differences, people in franchising share a bond even when they’re with different companies. “Franchising is like a family because, for the most part, everyone is willing to share with one another what they are doing, how business is going, and what’s working and what is not,” says Kevin Drudge, director of franchise development with Grand Welcome, a vacation rental management franchise. “We help one another and support one another through tough times and good times.”

Drudge says the Grand Welcome team is also like a family. “We are all about teamwork and working together to provide best-in-class customer experiences at all levels,” he says. “There is not a hierarchy where corporate sits above the franchisees. We are right there in the trenches running our corporate locations using all of the same tools, technology, processes and procedures. We celebrate success together and work together to continue and make our business model as strong as it can be.”

Now in its third year of franchising, Grand Welcome has been running and growing vacation property management businesses since 2009, Drudge says. “We are 100% devoted to helping franchisees learn to be successful running them as well.” Grand Welcome manages more than 1,500 vacation rental properties across the United States, and is rapidly expanding. But company officials say they’re not solely focused on adding locations and units, but rather on having strong unit performance in every location and providing a solid ROI for franchisees.

A 25-year veteran of franchising who has worked with several major brands, Drudge, the father of two teens, says the supportive family spirit is one thing he loves about the industry. “There are so many resources to help you be successful in whatever business you are involved with.”

Grand Welcome is built around a strong culture and values, Drudge says. “We all work hard, and we work well together to accomplish goals and objectives. We try to promote from within and retain employees. We also clearly understand what our roles are and what we need to do to be successful. We are quick to make decisions and pivot if we need to make changes. While we prefer risks to be somewhat calculated, we are confident in taking them with proper collaboration from various team members.”


  • DELIVER EXCELLENCE: Always look to exceed customers’ expectations; consistently streamline processes and procedures to ensure high standards.
  • TOGETHER AS ONE: Build meaningful, respectful and long-lasting relationships with associates, franchisees, property owners, guests and vendors.
  • ALWAYS A GRAND WELCOME: Provide a reliable, consistent and trusted level of service; encourage bold decision-making; set the bar high and continuously raise it.
  • PLAY TO WIN: Dream big and celebrate success as a team; don’t fear failure; hold ourselves accountable to achieve goals.
  • BELIEVE BEYOND: Embrace change, continuously evolve and innovate; face challenges with enthusiasm and perseverance.
  • SMILE: Enjoy the journey; be enthusiastic, inspired and passionate; empower and support each other’s personal growth, health and happiness.

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