How to Write a Winning Vacation Rental Description


An amazing thing about sales and marketing is that it still depends on words. In this age of computers and technology, words still move the hearts and actions of millions of people when it comes to making buying decisions.

If you want more guest bookings, you’ll need to write a great vacation rental descriptions. But, don’t worry! We’ll give you a proven outline and writing principles that will make it easy.


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After reading and writing many examples of great vacation rental descriptions, we’ve found that the best outline includes the following:

  • Headline
  • Overview of rental
  • Descriptions of:
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Outdoor amenities
    • Neighborhood/location
  • How to get around the area
  • How to enter the property
  • Property rules
  • Details of interaction with the owner

But, this outline is only the bones of the description. The heart of the description, which makes it truly interesting, comes from figuring out your big idea. For that, you will need to learn how to:

  • Write as if to a specific guest
  • Write a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Write in an appropriate voice

When you have your big idea figured out, it’ll be simple and natural to write the content of the outline. You’ll be writing as if to a specific friend who you know will be excited about the unique aspects of your property. Let’s discuss how to write a good Airbnb description.

Work Out Your Theme

Your big idea or central theme will give relevance and persuasive power to every sentence of your rental description. Run quickly through the three sections below to come up with yours.

Your Guest(s)

Think carefully about the type of person who will be your best guest—or several specific people or groups. That is who you are writing to. You might even know a certain person like those whom you are trying to target. If so, it can be helpful to think of his or her name or put up a picture of that person while you’re writing.

Write as if you’re talking directly to your favorite guest(s) or group. One way to make it easier is to open an email and write the description to him or her in it (but don’t send it!).

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

People buy because a product or experience satisfies their needs in unique ways. Write down every main feature of your property. Then, circle or highlight the features that:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Are unique to your area AND/OR
  • Are outstanding

The combination of your best and most unique features should be considered as your unique selling proposition (USP). You’ll use two or three of your property’s best features in your introduction and one in your headline. The USP will also generally energize your entire vacation rental description.


Finally, decide on the personality of your property. Is it warm and comforting? Is it exciting? Is it edgy? Is it unexpected? Is it scrappy? Think about how it would talk. A downtown beach property wouldn’t use the same words or tone as a mountain cabin.

Combine that with the type of guest you’re talking to, and write in the voice that comes out. Talk out loud while you write, if it helps. Just don’t stress about making the voice perfect. If you at least try this, it’ll give your writing a more interesting and unique direction than if you were to not try it.

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The Property Description Template

Writing will be simple when you follow the property description for the rent sample outline below. Each section (after the headline) will be a different paragraph of only two to three sentences. You should keep paragraphs short and easy to read on a smartphone.

Different types of guests and groups will be looking for different rooms and features that are important to them. Break your description into small pieces that will help them find what they like more easily. Below are some notes about each section of your lucrative vacation rental description.


Put in one of the unique features of your property (from the USP section above) that will entice your favorite type of guest. The goal is to try to sell an experience in your headline.


Write a short introduction that includes two to three unique and need-satisfying features from your USP. If they only read this, they should still get a great idea of the high-quality experience they’ll enjoy. Remember to write to a specific person in an appropriate voice.

You can also list:

  • The number of people who can stay here
  • Unique amenities provided
  • The style and age of the property
  • The sensory experience of being there (sounds, smells, temperature, etc.)
  • Any unusual features they should be aware of (including slight inconveniences, which you can mention in as positive a light as possible)


Describe each bedroom. List the key or unique features of each bedroom, along with any special experiences provided by it (like a window facing the sunrise).


Describe each bathroom. If a bathroom is closely attached to a bedroom, it might be part of that bedroom’s description. However, some bathrooms are large, unique, and interesting, and they deserve their own paragraph.


Summarize your kitchen, and then list some important tools and features guests will be able to use in the kitchen for cooking and eating. This can be extremely important. Think about what your favorite guests will want to do, and explain how they’ll be able to do it.

Outdoor Amenities

Describe and list any outdoor features that will enhance a guest’s stay, such as a pool, patio, barbecue, lighting, special view, and so on.


Describe the type of area guests will be in, including how close they are to attractions, public transportation, and stores. Talk about anything they’d enjoy about the area.

Getting Around

Give practical tips on how to get around in the area. Be as helpful as possible. Give phone numbers to local transportation options, and so on. This might get you thinking of what you can provide, such as a bike—or Uber credits.

If this section feels short, you could combine it with the neighborhood section.

How to Enter

Describe in detail how your guests will enter your property. There shouldn’t be any confusion or question about this. Imagine they’re tired and stressed and just want to get in quickly.

Property Rules

List any special ways that guests will be required to act (if any). Are there particular quiet hours? Are pets allowed? Can they smoke?

Guest-Host Interaction

Explain what guests can do if they have questions or need help. Give them all the contact information they need. Also, let them know if you’ll be around while they’re there.

Edit Last (and List with Grand Welcome!)

Try to have a good time while writing your vacation rental description. Remember, you’re talking to a really great guest who you’ll love to host. Try to write quickly, without editing yourself, and get the description done in one sitting. It will make it sound more natural. Then, go back and edit it later.

If you notice any words that are too general or vague (like “awesome”), throw them out and replace them with more specific descriptions. Guests need useful details to make a smart buying decision.

Now you should know much more about how to write a good Airbnb description than just about anyone! That means you’re ready to list your property with Grand Welcome to earn revenue with our easy and comprehensive management program. At Grand Welcome, we take care of just about everything!

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