10 Vacation Rental Concierge Ideas to Wow Guests

If you own a vacation rental, you probably meet travelers who enjoy unique and homey vacation rentals more than big hotel chains. They might like the history of a place, the privacy of a home, the quirky features of your property, and so on.

But some travelers miss the perks offered by big hotels. They might be afraid they’ll be confused and stressed in a new area without anyone to help them. That type of guest might be much more willing to book your rental if you offered a vacation rental concierge service.

What do guests want from a concierge? Is it possible to offer similar services when you don’t have the manpower for a big hotel chain? Can you offer concierge services at a low cost?

Get 10 vacation concierge ideas below, and learn how to offer Airbnb concierge premium guest services to anyone who wants them. You might even win over the better quality of guests, along with getting a lot more 5-star ratings!


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What Concierge Services Can a Vacation Rental Offer?

If you wanted to know how to wow your hotel guests, one answer would be to offer them concierge services. But you’re not a hotel. What can you offer guests with your vacation rental resources?

What do concierges normally do? They provide a more luxurious experience. They know an area, get what you ask for, and arrange whatever you need. For example, they might:

  • Make dinner or theater reservations for you
  • Take your clothes to the dry cleaner
  • Give your recommendations and directions for the best nearby attractions

As a private vacation rental owner, you can offer some top-notch services too. Look through the list below, and decide if you can implement any of these concierge ideas.

1. Grocery Delivery

Imagine being able to tell your guests their fridge will be stocked with their favorite foods when they arrive. You can add it to the price of their stay. How can you get the groceries? Try hiring somebody on an online job board to pick the food up for you.

2. Housekeeping

Some guests don’t want to spend time cleaning up. They’re on vacation! If you can work out a deal with your cleaning team to clean the property every day, some guests might want to stay with you instead of your competition.

3. Attendants and Chefs

The height of luxury is having a personal chef, domestic worker, or butler who is available around the clock. Only certain guests want this, but if they do, you should get referrals from property managers about the personal attendants they trust.

4. Airport Pickup

Your guest might want to skip the rental car lines and get whisked right to their vacation rental. Arrange for a driver to hold up a sign with their name at the airport and load them and their luggage into a good-looking sedan.

5. Tours and Activities

Make a list of the best tourist attractions and interesting activities in the area, and take care of the arrangements for guests. Build a few good relationships with local restaurants and tour operators, and impress guests by getting them great reservations.

6. Accommodating Children

Offer to cater to families with children. You can rent equipment for babies, such as baby swings, cribs, and strollers. You can also rent sports equipment for kids, such as snorkels and sleds. You can partner with local rental companies that will deliver and set up the items for you.

7. Accommodating Pets

For pets, you can put treats in the vacation rental for them, list local pet parks, and arrange for the services of a local walker or groomer.

8. Seasonal Services

Will a season be a problem for guests? You could hire someone to shovel or plow snow, deliver firewood, provide four-wheel drive transportation, and more. Or provide sunscreen, beach towels, and tiki torches! The point is to anticipate your guests’ needs.

9. Celebration of Special Occasions

Are your guests traveling for a special occasion, like a honeymoon? Engage a great local photographer to create an expert album for them. Maybe send them flowers and a gift basket. If they’re on a family holiday, they might appreciate balloons or seasonal decorations.

10. A Vacation Rental Virtual Concierge

You could set up Alexa for vacation rentals. Using dedicated software, it can deliver your recommendations for the area, immediately answer questions (in your voice!), record guests’ verbal reviews of their stay, remind guests of their check out time and responsibilities, tell you when guests are checking out, and much more. It can save you a lot of time!

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How Can Concierge Services Improve Your Investment Returns?

To get more out of your vacation rental portfolio, you need to increase your revenue from each property while building a good reputation. A vacation rental concierge service can do both.

Imagine if you and your competitors have similar properties, but you offer better services to your guests. What will happen? You’re likely to win those prospects away from your competition!

At the same time, those satisfied and delighted guests may give you five-star ratings and write great reviews for you. That can convince even more guests to stay at your property. And your guests can create a reputation about you as a high-quality rental brand.

Your bookings can just keep on growing as more guests choose you as the vacation rental of choice in your area. You can also update your rental description with the unique services you provide, as you find out which services guests mention the most in reviews.

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How Can You Offer Concierge Services?

You don’t have to provide every service to your guests on your own. You might not have the time. You might not have the experience or temperament. You might be too busy just booking guests and cleaning up the property.

What can you do? You can partner with a vacation rental management company that has a stellar history of providing outstanding experiences to guests. Grand Welcome can:

  • Clean your rental
  • Answer guests’ questions
  • Help guests explore the area
  • Manage leads and take payments
  • Quickly handle maintenance requests
  • Meet with guests in-person at an on-site office
  • Interact with guests on the phone and through email

Many travelers assume they won’t be taken care of at a vacation rental. We can change that, taking care of many of your guests’ needs. That leaves you with free time to decide which vacation rental concierge services you want to provide in order to create five-star experiences.

Contact us at Grand Welcome to get started. When you list with us, we’ll help you earn more revenue through our easy and comprehensive management program. Your guests will be surprised and amazed at how enjoyable it is to stay at your property—and you’ll love seeing the glowing reviews you’ll earn.

If you are more interested in opening your own vacation rental management franchise with a small investment, contact Grand Welcome Franchise today to receive the Free Franchise Information Kit, and start earning revenue with our professional and ongoing support and training for you.